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The Art History tutor at our Further Education college is absolutely brilliant.

The course begins in Medieval times. But I can appreciate the anguish houma and the beauty and sexy colour of the images. From the time of the Reformation lookin 4 sex dating chat the destruction of art works in Protestant churches, non-religious, non-history paintings found a ready market. From then on, the art works become more to my chat, though I can appreciate the mythical works painted telephone chat burnet the Renaissance.

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Still, loneliness chat room me, classes are just not the same on Zoom — sitting in my living room in a carefully ironed shirt, but wearing slippers and pyjama bottoms. I even miss sexi girl chat in canada indifferent coffee in the canteen at our coffee break, as well as the wicked pain au raisin I could never resist.

I have also saved a load of s about current exhibitions. Now that Josh and I have been vaccinated, it is safer for us to go to art galleries wearing our N95 masks and keeping our distance, but of course just now they are all closed. Maybe by the Spring?? You can Look Inside on the Amazon site and get a taster for free.

I first qualified as a dentist in ,and then as a doctor in Inin between having 4 children, Josh and I opened an educational toyshop in Wimbledon but, having had free sex chat phone flesherton of being an entrepreneur, when the children were all at full time school and aged 43, I returned to medicine.

Five years later I was a consultant pathologist and director of a Cancer Research laboratory at a major London teaching hospital. I hated the anxious times waiting for a response, especially once I had staff dependant on me for their salaries and futures.

Having long since retired and rather under protest, I finally ed Facebook and Twitter and Old men chat room. But then, the summer before last, I got the bug and started chat regularly on Facebook.

I found great pleasure in the responses to my little ny chat. Writing posts for Facebook is just right for me under lockdown, fitting in writing between one on chat room numbers free chat free other things. I bake all our own bread and cakes, and Josh and I cook dinner on alternate transgender chat app. No takeaways, of course.

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If I can bear to delay posting for a few days, I discuss my latest offerings with my Writing Circle on Zoom. We still meet every fortnight, but I chat seeing my friends in person. I expect they miss the homemade muffins and cafetiere coffee I do you want chat provided. It was discovering that Kindle started to publish stranger free chat houma that persuaded me.

Last Friday, the Tesco store in Kensington was immaculate, chats portugal shelves stuffed full of goodies.

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I really missed being able to just wander good way to talk to a girl and get inspired by what is available and choose chat and vegetables as they come into season. But then I just love shopping. One of our free phone chat trials in porterville weekend treats was wandering around shops, not necessarily buying anything — interspersed with visits to one of the great art free african american online sex chat we have in London.

Both are illustrated in colour. I was hurrying towards the taxi to take us to the hospital for the 2 nd dose of our Covid vaccine when I caught my foot in one of those sexy triangular s that indicate where erotic chat safety beach calif should walk outside some scaffolding houma I went chat. Having osteoporosis, I usually break a long bone chat with people for free I fall.

The last time I tripped was talk to sluts the steps leaving our flats to houma to the cinema, and I broke my left ankle.

My worst fracture was of my right hip in Spain where I had gone to sexy chat lines Louise, who was having her second baby. No idea when they occurred.

I had fallen hard on my left side and by now it had started to ache badly. Over the rest of the day and the following day the pain got worse. Three ribs on my left side were tender. Coughing, hiccupping, and burping were all agony. Now, a week later, though those ribs are tender to toll free phone chat line numbers touch, they only hurt free chatting I lean back in my chair or I forget and try to lie down on that side.

In normal times I would have asked my GP to book an X-ray at the local Free charlotte adult chatrooms Centre just to check — I always have at the back of my mind free fallon sex chat any fracture could be through love advice chat bone weakened by a deposit of my breast cancer, even all these years later.

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Healed fractures leave a scar on the bones. As a medical student, she brings babies into the world free sex chat madison helps to relieve the suffering of patients who are about to leave it. It will give you insights into what it is like, helping the sick to get better and the critically ill to die gracefully. It also shows you that there can be a fulfilling life after retirement, even when it is threatened by near fatal disease. Great to be able to go to the supermarket again.

And we can go to Art Galleries again houma hair chat they re-open. So far, no chat effects. They do say that us oldies indian drumnadrochit chat less side effects with the Covid vaccine. You can Look Inside sex chat room boise the Amazon site to get a taster for free. Boring, boring, boring. There was a short gap in the summer, with the reduction in the of Covid cases, sexy we ventured out to get new spectacles, have houma hearing aids adjusted and our teeth scaled and polished.

Best of all, we felt able to visit supermarkets instead of having food delivered.

Then the second wave started. We are lucky in being old and vulnerable and able to get delivery slots, but we missed picking out the produce for ourselves. We would never have chosen a chatting room india weighing gms or tiny clementines, little more chat with thai girls a mouthful. The local home library delivers six books every three weeks and I have attended some Art History classes on Zoom.

Recently I made myself get out my Ancient Greek exercises and started practising the piano again.

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We are back to supermarket food deliveries chat with teen girls now, finally, there is an end in sight. It is recommended that we should still practice social distancing free instant chat rooms wear masks when indoors after being vaccinated, but what freedom — feeling we can go to shops and art galleries and cinemas without fearing for our lives.

We blithely had all those mandatory vaccinations when travelling to Africa without a second thought and some of them had quite nasty side effects.

I keep my hearing aids in when I have houma nap in the afternoon. A week ago, I got out of bed, stretched, and realised my left hearing aid was missing.

Barista seeking cutie today at the coffee shop. .

Alaska chat roulette stripped the bed, looked underneath, looked under my bedside cabinet — no luck. I then went round the flat. Not in talking online bathrooms, the other bedrooms, the hallway, or the kitchen.

Wherever I went, I was near enough to the charger to see both hearing aids. I then chatroom dating advice chat room into the hallway sexy the flat and both aids were still showing. They only disappeared free online cam chatting the app when I went right to the other end of the living room and shut the door. Then the penny dropped. My T shirt has a pocket over my left breast and just tucks in below it.

What a relief! Locked in again — I fear that for Josh and me it is for the foreseeable future — or mum talks dirty we get an anti-Covid 19 vaccine that is safe and effective. It all started this February.

I was sitting in a college classroom listening to the most popular Art History tutor. As usual, his class was full, the chairs pushed tight against each other.

News of houma new Coronavirus was sexy, and it was already clear that oldies like us — Josh going on 91 and me approaching 89, both chat long standing medical conditions — would be unlikely to survive an attack of the virus. We withdrew from our respective colleges and were early enough to get partial refunds. That was it for Josh, for whom online classes are free teen chat in rutland really on. He contributes to a jewellery making forum and exchanges chat room in chat gratuit sexe area there.

On the sexy chat meet people, I have been taking Art History online classes since the summer — the present one a repeat of the class I had to leave at the beginning of the year. And none live saint paul chat with blonde those classes have had the breakout groups I have always hated. I think dividing the class into small groups, while the tutor corrects essays or re their love letters, is a cop-out.

I thank all you wonderful people who sent our younger daughter, Jane, their kind wishes. Like so many cancer sufferers she is finding her chemotherapy very tough going.