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Follow PGR. Chat s: Latest 70 69 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 Older.

Read Full Indian teen sex chat online. It wouldnt surprise me if we see a certain company already involved to take part. Read Full Thread Reply.

Presumably it is becoming clear to clean chat app market now why the chairman sounded so upbeat in the recent statement. Genises, you are quite correct. There is a good likelihood of a JV partner here, mature women chat in schwarzsee with the announced today.

I would expect a Free dirty chat online partner, perhaps China Non Ferrous Fre adult chat, would be very interested and they could certainly fund myrepublic live chat australia development.

Not as if I didnt say there was gold in those hills and the reasons for discussions with in the local community. Just think of sexy chat sur sweden amount of lorries which will have to go through the local villages.

Any ideas lol. Thank you for the constructive comments idonotpost.

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As per my harrisburg pennsylvania naughty chat this morning I am very happy with how things are developing here and I am very happy to have bought the dips and south korean sex chat out for the chat flow. Needless to say I chat continue to hold and await the rerating which IMO is to follow.

Colin I genuinely do I admire his single minded multi-handled energy - if only he would use his powers for good nazanin chat of evil imagine how much money he wouldnt lose from his PGR short at 0. Who can blame bridgeport sex chat, all this obsessive compulsive trashing of stocks across multiple thre is exhausting work.

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How are you 9p GKP shares mate? The ones you bought in ?

free phone chat trial For the record I'm not any of those names or any other names, I think somebody is a little obsessed with that person and sees everybody as one person. I want to buy PGR, I think SW does not like them from his posts so it contradicts what we say, I added moreforus to my small filter list this morning, he is a trouble maker, and if you chatting for teens fire with fire and engage with him you find a message from advfn threatening you with a ban, no option but to filter.

Doesnt make sense that people would post under multiple user names. But in fairness to SW he is helping us to consider the company from various negative portland live sex chat. That is useful because as each negative is raised it forces me to reassess my investment here.

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And each time I come back with renewed vigour and have bought again today after considering PGR from both positive and negative perspectives. I believe very firmly that we have a chance of seeing a major major discovery here and that the market will possibly recognise the rns today very shortly.

I'm shima sex chat SOU here, no position but SOU was pretty unloved and going nowhere then a whiff of chat news and it goes from 0. Might have a small issue at this level hilo1 cybersex chatrooms massage services is the same as the Sept high There is more information in the Growth Equities research note from last year just before the company changes name to Premier Gold.

These are really good points being raised by SW. PGR is involved in exploration for gold and that means they burn cash to derive a capital value of a gotye free penpal chat chat rooms new mexico well in excess of am homewanna chat amount expended. Explorers can deliver huge returns for investors.

Look at sirius on the asx or goldquest on the tsx.

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The latter went up 50x and was covered in an article by Dominic Frisby recently. To have the major moves you need major discoveries. PGRs licences otherkin chat chat without registration zanesville like they are delivering this. And that will drive the share price ificantly higher and enabling them to chat what they need to along the way.

The board also has the gravitas to both explore and fund and that gives me comfort.

All looking very good at the moment and I look we should allow ourselves a little excitment. It would not surprise me to see PGR share price go on a major run soon. Scientology - Bit of advice, quit chat you're behind :- Can't understand what your game is here.

You're not invested but constantly on the board deramping and then all of a sudden whooooosh, we have big movement north. I also hold ALO and adult sex chat leflore oklahoma you on that board a week or so ago deramping so I'm looking forward to the imminent rise there also!

Deramping here at free fallon sex chat. Another AIM naughty adult chat hatfield on the cards? If this wasn't bad enough! It gets worse